Bigjigs Toys

Bigjigs Toys


Bigjigs Toys are one of the leading wooden toy designers, manufacturers and distributors in the UK. They’ve been creating the perfect playrooms since 1985.

Bigjigs, like many e-commerce businesses, had an issue shared by thousands of retailers around the world: A fantastic product, brand & service but nothing to really push D2C sales.

A lack of advertising strategy across social platforms left a mammoth missed opportunity for such a great brand with products parents love – that’s where we come in.

What we did

We started the account from £0 using data/learnings we had from various other partners & conversations with Meta.

A specific e-commerce-lead campaign structure & strategy was implemented that aligned with the businesses key goal: generate profitable revenue.

We worked closely with their internal creative teams to create & source content for the ads that would convert (e.g. UGC videos).

We’re now into the second year of working with Bigjigs and not only have we just had a record-breaking Q4 on Meta, we’re now also expanding paid advertising onto TikTok, another trailblazing e-com platform we’re seeing a lot of success with.


Purchases +121.3%
Revenue +196.7%
ROAS +17.7%

"The guys at cbsocial have helped us drive our digital presence successfully. Their approach is well rationalised with a simple to understand strategy and transparent review metric. Taken the snake oil element out of digital advertising, and helped us grow our top and bottom line."

Sam Ireland, Operations Director at Bigjigs Toys