Paria paves the way with alternative, urban designs and exceptional quality when it comes to cycling gear. Using Italian fabrics and artists from around the world, they have jersey collaborations like no other.

The Yorkshire-born business managed social media in-house to promote their urban cyclewear before coming to cbsocial. They made some progress but didn’t fully understand how to make the platform profitable or scale performance.

What we did

We revamped the strategy to not only utilise the valuable data being captured through the Pixel but also started to dive deeper into interest & demographic targeting.

Switching up campaign objectives, broadening audience sizes and improving targeting methods enabled us to increase the volume of sales, cut wasted ad spend and really get the account moving in the right direction.

Paria is now investing more budget into the rest of the world with our new social campaigns delivering to users in Singapore, Australia and more.


Purchases +568%
Revenue +518%
ROAS +106%

"The guys at CB Social have helped us drive our digital presence successfully over the last 6 months. Their approach is well rationalised with a simple to understand strategy and transparent review metric. Taken the snake oil element out of digital advertising, and helped us grow our top and bottom line."

Sam Morgan, Director at PARIA