Trutex is one of the UK’s oldest and best-loved school uniform brands, supplying quality garments for over 150 years.

Originally, paid social media advertising wasn’t a channel that was considered within the marketing strategy. A boosted post here and there and more focus on organic content meant that they were slightly lagging in the digital auction for schoolwear.

What we did

In partnership with ROAR Studios, we worked together to launch a brand new paid social media strategy from scratch.

We immediately created campaigns and audiences that would cover the three customer focus points. New customers, existing customers that may return and potential customers that are close to making a purchase.

Through a combination of audiences using website data as well as Facebook’s custom audiences, we have been able to nurture our strong community and continue building it with new customers switching to Trutex.


Purchases +59%
Revenue +259%
ROAS +305%

"The guys at CB Social deliver real results and are great to work with. Nothing is too much bother."

Alex Bateman, ROAR Studios